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The Olympus MJU III is about as advanced, refined, and about as capable as the MJU range ever became. It represents almost the pinnacle of Olympus' point and shoot designs. It is one of the most compact of the entire range, whilst featuring one of the best zoom lenses and autofocus systems every fitted to a camera. Of particular note is that this particular example was owned by a collector from new, and never saw a single use. We were the ones to break the factory seal, and the first to use it when we film tested it. Its like a barn find car from the 80s with only 5 miles on the clock, it just doesn't get anymore mint than this. This is your opportunity to say that you own probably one of the only absolutely brand new MJU IIIs. This kit even contains the original roll of Agfa film that it shipped with, comepletely untouched.

Olympus Mju III, Full Kit, Boxed, Mint

  • 35mm

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