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If you're a class act that enjoyes the finer things in life (waitrose, cafe nero, lurpak etc) and you want a sleek and sexy point and shoot that looks the part while you strut your stuff around town, then look no further than the 105SE. Its metallic champagne finish, and curvy ergonomic design exude 90s chic, and its compact size means it is the ideal companion for your clutch/handbag/manbag/bumbag. In all seriousness, this is a very capable little camera, zoom, flash, and auto focus - what more could you ask from a point and shoot? If you're the life of the party and want something that everyone will swoon over, then make sure this 105SE is in your bag.

Yashica Zoomate 105 SE, Boxed, Mint

  • 35mm Point and Shoot - Takes any standard 35mm film

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