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The DL (Drop Load) series of cameras were designed by Fuji to do away with the need to fiddle about when loading film. No more lining up sprockets and holes, no more lining up leaders and markers. Simply drop your film into the camera at the bottom, close the door, and the camera does the rest. The 550 is one of the latest and most capable of the entire series, and this particular example includes a date back which means you can party like its 1999, or just about any year you fancy really. As always the camera features all the usual trimmings; zoom, flash, autofocus etc. All it is missing is you and a roll of film.

Fuji DL-550 Zoom Date Panorama

  • You have 30 days after purchasing an item to notify us of any issue with your product that would deem a refund (please include order number). Once notified you have 14 days to return the item to us. Anything returned after this time period will not eligible for refund.

    International purchases

    International customers have 14 days from receiving their item to notify us of any issue with the product. You then have 14 days to send us proof of returning the item.

    Any item to be refunded must be returned to us in an acceptable state (and original packaging would be preferable).

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    Items that have been used and a fault has occurred within 30 days of purchase can be returned to us. Once returned we can inspect the item and evaluate cause of fault. If the item is not working due to misuse you will not be eligible for a full refund of the item and we will not cover the cost of the postage back to us.

    If an item is returned to us and is faulty due to reasons beyond your control you will of course be refunded for the cost of the item and all postage costs.

    Unopened in box (if applicable) film can be returned and refunded.

    Opened box/ used film is non refundable. 

    Refunds will not be given in the event of disappointing (e.g. blank) or unexpected (e.g bright green) film results upon development.

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